This year we have a lot of time. We took advantage of this break to renovated our rehearsal room. Now we have a place where new songs can easily grow.
We hope and believe that next year will be a better time for us all. A plenty of new song material awaits your fucking ears!

Stay healty and support your local music scene.

Searching for Gigs!
Thank you for the great Gig! Hope to come back soon!

Rock Club Wiesla we‘re coming!

We are proud to present you that we share the stage with the great XIV Dark Centuries and Skjaldar.
The tickets are limited to 120 pieces
for preorder:
VK: 13€
AK: 15€
Do you want to hear something new from our rehearsal room? 🙂

We’re still looking for shows in 2019! At the moment we write new stuff to rock the shit out of your heads!

For Booking:

Theres also some new information! We proudly tell you that we have a great new drummer. Be curious!